Oz The Great and Powerful

@0:30: Groove Addicts & Ninja Tracks: Full Tilt - Rebirth (2012 - "End Game")
0:56-end is "Center of the World" by X-Ray Dog
Teaser Trailer
01 Pfeifer Broz Music "Wizard's Magic" (Blu-Ray Trailer, Website Music)
02 ???
03 ??? * (Oz Color promo)
*Trailerized Audiomachine "Battle of The Kings (No Choir)" (Blu-Ray Trailer)

01 ??? (Madagascar 2 Teaser: Version Choir)
02 Full Tilt "Rebirth (Full Mix)"
03 X-Ray Dog "Center Of The World" (+ Arrangement & No Vox)
04 Extreme "Dark Omen"
05 XRD "Center Of The World"

Tv Trailer "Characters":
01 XRD "Center Of The World"
02 Alistair Cooper "Flying Monkeys (Remix)" (Tv & Blu-Ray Trailer)
03 Amphibious Zoo Music "The Count"
04 ??? (Oz Color promo)
05 Alistair Cooper "Flying Monkeys (Remix Orchestral)"

Other Tv Trailer + Tv Spots: Immediate Music "Control The Dream"

Wish Tv Spot: XRD "Spellbound"

Wicked Tv Spot:
01 Brand X Music "Visions (B)"
02 Steve Mazzaro "Capella"

Other Tv Spots:
Audiomachine "Icarus" "Earth Shaker"
Non Stop Music "Wizardry (No Choir)"
Danny Elfman "Main Titles (Oz The Great and Powerful)" + Custom Choir (Trailer Version)
Les Friction "Louder Than Words (Instrumental)"
Mark Petrie "Artemis" (Custom No Choir)
XRD "Follow The Clues"
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