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I have seen 3 songs listed for various "Over There" Trailers:

Raident - World
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
Seal - Love's Divine

I have checked the lyrics on all 3 of these songs and neither are the one I am looking for.

The commercial starts out with one guy saying "I understand they call you sergent scream. That's a good name for a sergeant." Immediatly after that it cuts to the same guy saying "Time to get some instead of taking it" and the soldiers enter a building. It shows various clips that are all in the other commercials, and ends with the soldiers trying to stop a car with a little girl in the back.

I managed to catch some of the lyrics, here's what I got:

We'll fight the war
Before our visions turn to dreams (?)
Is it possible to...(something) the world together

and something about daylight's fading.

Of course I may have misunderstood the lyrics but I think that is ring. Any help is appreciated, tried to google those lyrics that I caught, but couldn't get anything.
That is also Radiant's "World" song, just a different part of the song. Hope that helps. :)
What is the song at the end of each episode of Over There. "The train is filling up with boys...going over there.." etc etc.