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This was an epsidoe last week when everyone was at that club Ultra Violet and there was a song playing in the background...I remember its was specifically playing when Jessica (Tess) and Antonio were talking and Lindsey and someone! I looooved the song. I guess i shouldnt have waited soo long! thanks to any miracle worker who could figure this sounded like a Howie Day or Gavin DeGraw type musician if that triggers something.
OMG, I really hope that there are some soap fans here because I really need to know what the name of the song that was playing at the end of Friday's episode is called.

Here are some of the lyrics that I can remember:

"And too many times I have wanted to turn around and walk away ... deep inside what I need from you doesn't change ... I tell you I want to go, but I want to stay ... do you know ... it doesn't change the way I feel about you at the end of the day ... but I know I'm going to lose myself this way."

It's such a good song, I really hope someone has some idea of the artist and the title.

Thanks! :)
Nevermind everybody. Mystery solved. :p

It's called "All I Want" by Susie Suh
I'm looking for the song that played during Adriana's modeling session. It was a dance/techno song. Female vocals. Only lyrics I can remember and I might not be 100% on target. "I'm in love.....I'm in love.......I want you"
Yesterday (May 29th) on One Life To Live, there was a song playing during the montage at the end when a character was being executed. Does anyone know what song was playing? Some lyrics were "pray for me, pray for me, hold me, hold me..." It was a woman singing.
does anyone know the Song playeD at the end of todays episode when chris and evngeline Are dancing and john and natalie are in bed at the end. i didnt catch any lyrics. if anyone knows that would be AWESOME if not ill watch it on soapnet this sunday and get back with any lyrics. THX IN ADVANCE.
I've been wondering what this song was too and was just coming to post to ask about it. I tried to catch some lyrics but it's kind of hard to understand more than a few words. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did. I did have a clip of the John/Nat scene so I separated the audio from it in case anyone wants to take a listen and see if it sounds familiar at all. There are a couple of lines of dialogue in the middle so just ignore it.
Within the first 15 minutes on todays One life to live episode (8-3-2006) there was some background music playing in the bar when Bo and John were talking.

The music sounded a lot like the Moody Blues, but I am not sure of this.

If anyone happens to know exactly what the song is or the artist, could you please reply?

This is really bugging me.

Thanks in advance!

i saw a commercial for the show one life to live and im wondering what the song in the background was. the only part i could get out of it was 'the waiting is over, the waiting is over'.

if anyone knows what song it is, i'd really appreciate it.

Can anyone remeber the song lyrics that Blair sang on thursday's episode can anyone please tell me how to get it. or find it or even the lyics thanks!
The song played during the last minutes of the Friday 8/17 episode. It was featured in the montage showing all several characters mourning Asa's death.

It's a female vocalist with only a piano accompanying her. Very stripped down, simple song. I only caught some of the lyrics, it might not be 100% accurate.

It started with:
I know you're leaving me

Late in the song: I hear your heartbeat.... I hear your sighs

Thanks for your help.
Found it. In case anyone else was interested. "Gone" by Jessica Riddle. Cd: Key of a Minor.
Does anyone know the name of the song that was being played when Lindsay wrote her confession for the "Get it off your chest" box?
There was a song when Starr and Cole were trying to win stuffed animals at the fair and it went like this: "I've never felt like this before I'm so confused I just don't know anymore I've never felt like this before got both feet on the ground but I can't feel them anymore out of the corner of my eye I see you smile and I can't decide if I should run or pull you in instead cause' I've never felt like this before"