"One boy, two boy, three boy..."


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In our aerobics class, we use a CD of popular songs that have been remixed for a good beat.

This song is well known because it's in a list of other well known songs. Some of the other songs are remixes of The Caesar's "Jerk It Out" and The Fray's "Over My Head". So this is song is publicly released, and has been remade for this aerobic's CD.

The song is sung by a female, and I have a hunch that the song is hip-hop or in that area. I can't catch many lyrics, except the chorus says something like..."One boy, two boy, three boy, ______ boy". I can never really catch the last word in there.

I tried to do a google search, and I couldn't find anything. Why suggestions?

Thank you. B)
that sounds familiar.

maybe try Gwen Stefani, Fergi, or Nelly Furtado....those lyrics seem like something they would say. :blink:
It's difficult to get any idea of the singer's voice in the song, because these remixes are also covers. (usually not very good) :lol:

I was waiting today to listen to the song when it came up, but my teacher chose a different CD. :rolleyes:

I know it probably isn't Gwen or Fergie, just by the style of the song. Furtado might be a good choice, but I think her new album might be TOO new for this CD, but I'll definately search around a bit.