Once Upon a Time in Mexico

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Does anyone know the name of the song that plays towards the end of the trailer. It starts right after Johnny Depp asks "can you dig it?" and Eva Mendez answers with "I can dig it".
Heres the link


just click on the enter site link then when the site loads up click where on one of the bullet holes that reads previews. the song is on the FULL TRAILER.
it may be by Juno Reactor, i had the song you are talking abotu for awhile and i cant remember its name. maybe Shango or something. i think the song is on the OUTM soundtrack. not sure, but its a start.
Its PISTOLERO, but its the REMIX.you want the PISTOLERO REMIX which is featured in the trailer. i have the remix.
I was looking for the same song. It is by Juno Reactor called "Picture of man" and/or "Pistolero (Picture of man mix)" . I've seen it written with both titles. :)
Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

1.) Unknown Drone
2.) "Original Trailer Music" - ParodiFair [Not Really Sure If this is the track though)
3.) "Holy Guacamole" - Extreme Music
4.) "Techno Latin" - Extreme Music
5.) "Pistolero (radio edit)" - Juno Reactor
6.) "Pistolero (picture of man remix)" - Juno Reactor
7.) "Pistolero (june reactor mix)" - Juno Reactor
Where i can find the Song Extreme Music - Holy Guacamole ?

Thanks for the answer;)