On a night like this


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I've got a song but I don't know who sings it, it's called on a night like this but it's not the kylie minogue song, actually i've tried to look on google and there are loads of songs called on a night like this but none is the one i have, i've tried to type some parts of the lyrics and no results at all on google! yet it really sounds like the kind of catchy songs that are very popular, with a beautiful women's voice, so let me tell you some of the lyrics of this song:

on a night like this,
sure i miss your kiss,
the long talks we had,
the good times in bed,

on a night like this,
i can't believe you're gone,
and it's so hard to ??? the past,
but i have to be strong,
is it to late to say i'm sorry?
won't you listen if i try?
on a night like this,
on a night like this, etc...

please if someone knows that song tell me who is singing, if you want i can send you the song if you want to listen to it, thanks
There's a Kylie Minogue song called "On a Night Like This" that seems to match the mood of your song, but not the lyrics you listed.
--oops, just realized had ruled that one out. hmm...
I'll search a little more and see if I can't come up with a match. :)