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During the Super Bowl they played an AD showing a new Mp3 Player/Digital Camera. Anybodt Know the music in the Ad?
i found it "Jacques Your Body" by Les Rhythmes Digitals or the other one wich is "Pure Gold" by Offcuts
Another superbowl commercial I was wondering about are the Olympus ones featuring that "m-rope" device or wahtever, and the cool dancing. Once more, they can be found at www.ifilm.com
Whats the music in This Olympus Ad ? (i tried search .. but those are different)

Answered here. It's "Pure Gold" by Offcuts.

FYI: If you pause the ad just right, you can actually see the name of the song/band on the guy's camera. It took me a second to figure that one out. :lol: ;)
Indeed :lol:

Infact they list two more songs (one of thm is Absolute Affirmation - Radio 4 .. other looks blurry though)

thanks and sorry i dint noticed that was answered there too
Thanks for the pointer on the The Offcuts tune. I had to do a lot of hunting to find more information. I'm convinced you can't buy the tune in the US, however I did find the publisher's website, and you can order directly from them in Australia.

The CD is "Plastic Bag" and appears here:

You can purchase a Windows DRM protected version of the song online below, however the ordering system does ensure that your IP is in Australia. Foreign customers are rejected:

If you're tempted to order several The Offcuts CDs and aren't too spendy, be sure and listen to samples first. Their style has changed significantly over just a few albums. Plastic Bag seems to be the only hard hitting electronica in the bunch.

I downloaded one of their song (from rubber records) that day .. and it dint impress me :\

so i will just buy pure gold .. not any other by em
Yes i bought paper bag and plastic bag

overall its an OK band..