Old Spice

I think the song you're thinking of is also used in the film Neeful Things. I don't know the name of it (but have part of it on mp3) but am sure other people here will know.

Title maybe 'Marriner Theme' / Mariner's Theme..

Ok, I'm really crap at this so I should just shut up. But I won't ;) I was thinking the song in the Old Spice commercial was the same one used in Needful Things, but it isn't.. The one in Needful Things is called Hall of the Mountain King. As far as the one in the old spice commercial, well I still don't know, but best guess would be the already mentioned Marriner Them or Mariner's Theme. Although I'm probably entirely wrong and just a big damned fool :D

lol, no ur not because at least u replyed... thank u. I will check later if thats the song.