Old Navy cords running through field


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Anyone seen that Old Navy commercial with these chicks running in a cornfield, pickin' out all these jeans, all coloured n' stuff (possibly shirts as well, I don't remember) ???

The song has good drums playin' and guitar. It sounds very much like a country song (the guitars), but the drums are more alternative? I can't really explain, sounds like a modern drum beat with some country guitar in it. No vocals I think.

Yeah. Saw it about five times before I left. Kinda Thorogood with a twang. Sounds made for the ad but it's early. :p
Someone must know but is hiding it from us :ph34r:
It kinda sounds like the song "Marvo Ging" by The Chemical Brothers, no? I'm betting it's an original recording, unfortunately... :(
I would have to say it is Marvo Ging by the Chemical Brothers. I just saw the commercial and listened to the song right after. it sounds close.
Maybe it, I just downloaded it.. Sounds kinda like it.. But not exactly :( Anyone have a link to this ad?

Love the song! Maybe someone wants to make a remix of the tv ad? :p
Originally posted by delik@Aug 16 2005, 06:36 PM
I would have to say it is Marvo Ging by the Chemical Brothers.
I think they're referring to that ^ song.

You can listen to an audio sample of it here, track 10. Also available on .
Yes I know, sounds a LOT like it but it's juuuust a liiiittle bit different. I've had that Push the Button album for long and know all the songs, then recently I saw that Old Navy commercial and if it really was Marvo Ging, I would've completely recognized it but I didn't, and even know that I listen to Marvo Bing, I can just tell it's not the same.
Maybe it's another instance of a "sound alike" -- studio musicians paid to "re-do" a popular song, but change it just a tad so they don't have to pay the original artist royalties... :unsure: Haven't seen the ad, so I can't say for sure myself.
Good News!
Here's a link to watch the ad.

Bad News
According to this, it's an "unnamed track" created by a production company called OnePointSix Ltd. :angry:
I'm disappointed. But if it is an adaptation of the Chemical Brothers song, I'm not too disappointed. It is SO repetitive.
The commercial has four girls picking corduroy pants out a farm field . The music in the background is sort of country-ish with a slide guitar .Looking for the name of the song and the artist that plays it .