Old Movie setting Rural Mexico or Southern California


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I have been looking for an old movie that I was only able to watch 4 or 5 minutes about 4 to 6 years ago. The thing I remember and love was the setting, that is the scenery and characters. The movie is set in a little village in rural Mexico or maybe southern California. From what I remember, the movie I am looking for is very similar to "Tortilla Flats" with Spencer Tracy. I have seen "Tortilla Flats" several times and love this movie also. In fact, the two movies are so similar that it almost seems the one I am looking for was an older original and "Tortilla Flats" was a remake or something. I believe there were paisono's loafers/bums in the movie I am looking for, but one of the scenes I remeber is with the lovely girl sitting by a pond or creek and the men were on the other side talking to her. This scene is not in "Totilla Flats". I don't know if I watch enough of the movie to determine if it was a humerous/comedy or a more dramatic film.

I also thought Cantinflas (Mario Moreno, the Mexican actor) was in the movie I am looking for, but I have searched many Cantinflas movie trailers but cannot find anything that even comes close to what I am looking for.

Any thought or leads are greatly appreciated.