Old Little Caesar's Ad


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Hey guys,

I remember this commercial from several years ago. It's an old Little Caesar's ad that featured this conga type tune where a bunch of people were doin' (imagine this!) a conga through a living room. There was also a big poodle who joined in.

I'm not sure why they were conga-ing for Little Caesar's pizza anymore, but the song sticks in my head.

Anyway, I just heard this song in a Scotch Brite Ad too (which is what reminded me of the song). Only no dancing poodle in this one! Any suggestions on what the song title is? It's driving me nuts!
That song has been driving me nuts since I first saw that Little Caesar's commercial years ago. I ask people what it is and they know the melody but they don't know the name.
It's old Cuban style music, kind of like the style of Xavier Cugat or someone else of that time period.
Someone please help me! :blink:
Add me to the list of people going nuts looking for this song. Not only was it used in the Little Caesar's ad, but it has also appeared in other commercials as background conga line music (although I can't remember any specific ones right now). The melody basically goes "Da da da da da da DA!", with the last note representing the conga kick. Any help would be appreciated!