Old Lexus


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This has driven me nuts for years, and I finally found this site so I figured I'd throw it out here... does anyone remember the old Lexus commercial (we're going back 10 or 12 years here) that featured the car (maybe an ES?) driving towards you in a big hall or something, with big pendulums or wrecking balls or something swinging in front of the car, in sync with the music...

It was a classical tune (string orchestra?), and every time I ask someone they say "oh yeah! I remember that commercial!" or "I know that song!" but nobody can name it.

I've heard it elsewhere, so I'm pretty certain it wasn't written for the commercial.

If anyone can help, I'd be much obliged!
Try Sergey Prokofiev Montagues and Capulets (track 2) from Romeo and Juliet. Being a piece usually heard only on piano I really had to dig to find this in strings so I hope it's right. ;) :p
Wow... that's it! thank you so much! You have just put to rest, like, *years* of frustration.

I think someone once said it was "romeo and juliet"... but I just assumed they meant Tchaikovsky's, and didn't look any further. Doh!

Thanks again! :)
Thank you! That has been driving me nuts for years as well! I came onto this site as sort of a last resort to finally figure out the name of the piece of music, but I couldn't even remember what product the ad was for, what a relief to finally have that info so I can buy the album and listen to it all the way through instead of this incessant snippet from the ad :)