old grey claymation music video


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omg this has been driving me crazy all night! once upon a time a long time ago there used to be this music video that was all claymation and followed the story of this little grey dude that worked in a factory making a thing called "happy" and he had this weird rainbow light that came out of his stomach (kinda through a door-like thing) that inspired him to make a new product called "bliss" does anyone know the name of this music video?
oh come on ppl! lol if it helps the thing he makes is like these goggles that make him see in color and everyone he sees is all happy instead of the boring grey world that they all live in. This is so sad that I can't remember, oh yeah and it was a really quiet and slow kinda depressing song, went well with all the grey in the video.
Ok, do you think it's a Daft Punk song? This is the info Ive found on said video. It sounds a lot to what you have said. Could it be it? This is the info:

The last video was rendered in clay animation (Claymation™ is a trademark
of Will Vinton Studios). It features a grey humanoid creature in a city of
identical grey towers, with his depressing grey life working at a grey
factory, building a consumer product called Happy. He has dreams of
brightly-colored children on a playground spinner and finally invents a set
of goggles that turn the world pastel and paisley (and are powered by the
golden sparklies from the furnace in his belly). The goggles are sold as
Bliss, he's hailed as the greatest inventor ever, he runs the factory; but
he's unhappy again and his belly is dark.
yes omg that's the one!!! and then in the end he's all sad again and sees a little sparkle and it goes back to the kids on the playground do u know the actual title?
Nope, nope!!! It's Hellbent by Kenna. That's the one! Go, go check it out!
thank u!!! u have no idea how many ppl in santa cruz u just made so happy. we love uuuuuu! :D :D :D :D :D
The song is credited as "Elegia by New Order"

I saw this flick a couple months back, too... luckily I downloaded it. Apparently, it was the first claymation film to be put into IMAX format.

The actual title of the claymation is called "Move"

you might want to googled "movemovie" that's what the default filename was called when I downloaded it from the website.