OK this is a tuffy.. CASSHERN

I think that song is coming out in April when the single of the artist is released. it should be on that.
I'm also looking for this trailer song.
Does anyone know specifically the name of it?
PLEASE!! Someone have an answeR?!
Its :

The Back Horn - Requiem

But does anyone know where i can get this song?
hey i was also looking for that song, but how do you know it's THAT song?

I know that THATS the song because i was able to try a sample of it.
The Back Horn - Requiem
-> is played in the second section of the trailer with all the guitar riffs.
Now...can anyone tell me where i can find the complete song?
sorry dude, but I think the song's called 'Our last Day' by the back Horn,

they are on the 'Our last day - official casshern album'
The ALBUM is called "Our Last Day" And thats by Casshern.
The song is called "Requiem" by "The Back Horn"
Can someone PLEASE tell me where i can download this song?
Here's the Official site for the Band and their new album:

The Back Horn - Our Last Day

I can't read japanese, but I did find a link on the page to hear a preview.

It looks like the album won't be out until the 21st of july, though the site says 'in stores now'. I'm guessing it meant that it was in stores now - in Japan. I haven't found any online music stores that carry it. at this point your only option might be a P2P network til the album hits stateside. You might be able to find it in the imports section of Virgin Megastore too, if you have one in your area.