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so i have to make one of thoe things...you know, like an essay but it takes the whole year, doesnt matter anyway. the thing is; my subject is the CD (-rom) and the DVD and i need tons of technical information, like how it works, what types there are, etc....so if you know something or some site, tell me cuz i am realising it's almost impossible to find info on the internet
Wait, you are doing a research paper on CD ROMs and DVDs, like the actual media or drives or both?
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and sorry Erika, i didn't mean to cut you off on msn just now... :( my msn is craptastic and sucks and refuses to work... :(
:eek: OMG we're not talking about the subject to a topic?

Shame on us :eek:
You are right, writing papers is for the weak. Just go in there and demand a passing grade and if you don't get it, hit em wit da saw!!!!! :ph34r:
:lol: @ for the weak

hey@!@@@!!! :angry: I just finished writing one
yea it's an essay, a big one, and im looking for technical information, like how it works, and stuff, you know, with the laser and stuff