Office Max "Rubberband Man"


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Does anyone know the song and artist of the song used in the new Office Max commercial entitled "Rubber Band Man", featuring a dancing supply guy???
I haven't seen the commercial, but could it possibly be "Rubberband Man" by the Spinners?
YES! That's it....I guess I should have searched for the obvious.... :rolleyes:

Thanks again, it is a sweet commercial, you'll know it when you see it....
What is the name of the song they use in the new staples commercial, you know the one where the crazy looking guy with the parted afro is passing out office supplies from his cart. Anyone know, its driving me crazy, cant find info on it anywhere. Thanks alot.
What is the genre of music? Is it popular, like something that you've heard on the radio? Is it instrumental? Do you remember any lyrics?
I'm fairly sure I've seen it because it sounds familiar.. what channel did you see it on? I haven't been watching much tv lately, just have it in the background when I work.. so I'll put it on your channel so if I hear it I can get back to you. I'm pretty good with the older music so I may know it..
I know i've seen it on the discovery channel, and i think ive seen it on spike, maybe others too. Thank for the help!
K, I'll let ya know. In the meantime, just hold on, maybe someone else knows it..
i think the song that ur looking for is "Rubberband Man" by the Spinners

and it's actually an Office Max commercial :D
I do believe squishysumo hit the nail on the head. That was my bad, it was an office max commercial. Thanks for the help everybody!!!!
Check out The Rubberband Man by the Spinners. Enjoy!
(Oh, and if you want to see the commercial, it's on CNN about 400 times a day.)
What is the song in the Office Depot commercial where the young guy with the big Afro hands out office supplies to various people in an office while dancing to the tune??

Is it "rubber band man"?? Who did it?


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This is the commercial with the guy with the afro delivering office supplies with a funk (sounding) song playing, does anyone know that song?
I was wondering if anybody knew if the song about the"Rubberband Man" was a new song made for the commercial or a parody of something else. The commercial is for Staples, I think. It has this cute office assistant guy going through the bulding handing out stuff and showing how useful his rubber bands are. The song is uptempo, sort of funky. The guy has a huge afro and it's parted on the side. At the end he steps into an elevator and the doors close.
Thanks so much! Should have checked the previous posts :blink: