NPR Fresh Air

I chased that song down last year 'til I thought I was going to friggin' die. When I launched the npr link minutes ago, i laughed, I cried. The song title is "Soulful Strut". Both the Ramsey Lewis Trio and Young Holt Unlimited did the song. They sound pretty much the same to me. There is also a version of the song with lyrics titled "Am I the Same Girl". The original artist for this one is Barbara Acklin. Another version of hers was performed by the Swing Out Sisters. It certainly is your lucky day; enjoy the song.

Humorous Note: I resorted to recording myself doing a da da, da da da, dadadada....... and submitting to another forum. A dude nailed it and I lived happily ever after. Enjoy :D
Thank you so much... You made my day.

Funny story Logan... Hehe.