Not a commercial but I still need help!

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Help me! I know this really should be limited to songs heard on commercials but I have been trying to find the answer everywhere and this is my last hope! There is a song that I loved a few years ago but I have forgotten who it is by. It is a house song that came out around 2001 or so. There are no words. I recently went to a website and heard it there but cannot find out from the site who the song is by. Here is the website link. Go to it and then click "For your health" on the right. The song that immediately starts playing is the song that is driving me insane! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'll be your best friend forever! lol
hmm... sounds like kruder and dorfmeister (sp?)

maybe thievery corperation
Hmm, to help the thinking along, it originally came out around the time that Modjo and Mirwais were hot...I know it but I just cant pull it out of my brain. AURGH
Did you try emailing the website owner? They'd probably know who it is...
I thought it WAS you at first, like you changed your username a la Em-ram.