nissan tune?


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What is the nissan tune in the commercial? Please tell me

It's the commercial where the car is driving, and then more an more cars follow it
Can you give us any more information than that? At all? Style of music, any lyrics present, any really notable features? Every car commercial out there mentions the type of car as well as the maker, if you can give us that, it would really narrow it down. We'd be thinking of the ads for the Nissan _____, rahter than every nissan ad we've seen in the last year or so. Follwing that train of thought, was it a recent commercial that you've seen, when did they surface?
I'd also like to know what the name of the song is in the Nissan 350Z commercial with the sportscar driving around the city. The song goes something like ....I'm gonna blow my horn, I'm gonna let you blow my horn, ridin' in my car...