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I'm looking for the whistling song used in the Nissan Titan commercial. I can't remember exactly how the ad goes, but I know there's a silver Titan towing a huge boat.

It was also used in an episode of the Wonder Years (way back) when Kevin and his friends went on a mission to crash some girl's slumber party. They had to trek across town and they were gonna try to get in by offering beers. On the way, one of the kids sprained his ankle, another one broke the beer, and nothing was going right.
Edit: The episode was called "The Journey" Season 4, Episode 3

It's a theme from of an old war movie...I was thinking Patton, but that doesn't seem to be it? Any ideas?
Maybe the "Main Title" (aka The Great Escape March) from Steve McQueen's The Great Escape??

Edit: That wasn't right...
I too am looking for the name of this tune, but I belive it is either from the war movie "Stalag 17" or the "Bridge over the River Kwi" sorry if the spelling is wrong. :huh:
Here's the right answer!

I found the Wonder Years episode information on and it had the music listed. It's Mitch Miller's "Colonel Bogey March" which indeed is from The Bridge On The River Kwai. Good memory, Coffee Lake :D