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What's the name of the song in this commercial, it has a guy listening to a spanish song and a girl listening to the same one at the light?
Did I stump everyone? :unsure: Here's more info
It has a guy in the SUV and the girl in a car who's getting into the music and the guy smiles at her.
Would anyone happen to know the name of that chick in the commercial? I've seen her in the Kellogg Special K ad too, I think.
I just saw this nissan commercial for the murano and the maxima with two people head nodding to a song. Sounded like spanish. Pleas help
Believe the song you're looking for is ...

"Oye Como Va" (<-- done most notably by Tito Puente or by Santana)

There you go.
I have searched the forum & the internet looking for this one but I can't find anything so does anyone know the song used in the new Nissan Murano/Maxima commerical. One vehicle has a man driving & the other has a woman driving with them sitting next to each other at an intersection. The song has a latin flavor to it and there is one phrase that is repeated throughout the commerical but they say it so fast that I can't catch what they are saying. The song has a man singing and it sounds like an older rock song that was popular. I can't get this song out of my head! Please help :D

Any help would be really appreciated!!
Yep, sure is!! Sorry about the duplication! I did search through the forum, honestly, but I just missed it :unsure:

Thanks so much for the info!!