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I have been look for the music that plays in the Nissan national year end event commercial to have no luck finding it.

The music is almost classical with a little chourus and is mainly violins playing from what i can tell. I hope that that information can help somebody. I have been looking for this music for some time now.

Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction to finding it.
Hi, I know this same exact song was used for the Alias' Maya 3D Software Customer 2002 Demo Reel. The video is still online here: Maya Reel 2002

I'm also interested in knowing the artist. It's kinda a techo opera beat. I hope someone out there recognizes the artist from this video link. I hope it helps.
Thats great! I've seen the Alias' Maya 3D Software Customer 2002 Demo Reel before, but thought they took it down. Thanks for your help.

This sure is a hard song to find. :lol:

Any know what artist did the begining and end music to the maya video posted above? ;)
I would also be interested in knowing what this music in the Nissan commercial is. It sounds a little like Orff's "Carmina Burana," which has been overused in commercials for years, but I don't think that's it.

no luck finding it here either.

anyone find out?
i remember it was in a mitsubishi video for their wrc rally team also from 02 or 01
Yeah, I have that video from Mitsubishi Motorsports. It's for the 2000 WRC, and I thought that was playing when I first heard this commercial.
Why do I keep hearing this song pop up in commercials, yet no one seems to know the song. <_<

I'll keep after though. I am happy that people are also trying to find it. Maybe someone will run across it. ;)
I heard the song again on a commercial for Inuyasha tonight.

just wanted to bump this topic again...
From Nissan:

"The music in this commercial is Untitled, as it was original music composed specifically for this purpose by Elias, a music production company in Santa Monica, CA."

But if that is the case, how could it have appeared in the Maya demo reel 2 years earlier?
I have also heard the song in the mitsubishi motorsport rally video and also heard it in the nissan year end event ad on the radio. It is very faint in the radio commercial. the mitsubishi video was made to highlight the 2000 year of racing so the song has been around for a while. I would describe it as a techno like song with choir and violin mixed in.
I have been looking for this song for years, since first seeing on the mitsubishi rally video (2000). Was also used in a deloitte & touche ad last year.

The music is a Vivaldi "Summer" remix. But I've downloaded every possible variation i can find and still have not found this version used in these commercials. There are a few vivaldi remixes running around, some based on summer, some on winter. but this version seems to be the most elusive of all.
I posted the Maya link on a classical music forum and neither of the responders thought that any section of the song was Vivaldi. The snootier of the two was confident that it hadn't come from any classical composer, but was rather more likely the product of a "pop media composer".

The serious classical nature of the forum (punctuated by the pretentious reply of my benefactor) has convinced me that this composition is likely not a remix of a classic.

So I will follow my leads within the 'pop media' centre I believe to be responsible for the work: Elias Arts. Let's hope I don't reach a dead end (though at this point it seems likely).
Elias Arts has been responsible for tons of music heard in TV ads, etc.. You can always contact them and ask if they composed the music for the Nissan ad, but considering we've already heard directly from Nissan, it's not really necessary.

Elias Arts music is not available for purchase or download, they are a production company who makes music (classical to heavy metal genres) to be used in various forms of media.
I work for a Russian TV station called NTV and there's a motage before a show that uses the same music. I've been trying to find the song as well, but no luck of course (considering that it's stock music from a production company)

HOWEVER... I did manage to extract the music from video and record it onto an mp3... it's about 2 minutes long.

There is no voiceover during the music however there are a few sound effects in the background but they actually add a nice touch to the track, I think.

This is as close as you'll get to having the whole track!