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Hey guys, GBA has a new ad out for Mario Pinball land, or some such. Has anyone seen this yet? If so, what's the song????
The song is a cover of Black Betty originally done by Ram Jam, I believe. I have no clue who is doing the cover / remix of it tho, and really want to find out. Been searching since I saw it yesterday.
thanks for the tip, just found it! It's Black Betty by Spiderbait, available on Itunes. Sweet!!!!
Originally posted by dmelendy@Oct 4 2004, 04:17 PM
thanks for the tip, just found it!  It's Black Betty by Spiderbait
Nice work!

So, for others this is for the Mario Pinball Land GBA ad. The song "Black Betty" is available from here (audio sample, track 3). Also available from .
There's a new Gameboy game ad, its for the Mario Pinball Land game. I have no idea what the music for the ad is, and its pretty tough to describe. Any ideas?
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Alright... It was played on my local station yesterday, but no mention of the band!
Then I heard it on the GBA Sp commercial...

It's Rock
Starts off playing a Banjo(Like old style country play).
Then starts getting faster and turns on Guitar and drums.
I can't remember what the beat, started like, so I can't help their :/ Man I've
been trying top 20's 25 on station listings... Argh!
It's "Black Betty" but I don't know what band plays it. Hope this helps.

EDIT: My bad, it's by Spiderbait. Black Betty
for the record, this song was originally by blues legend Leadbelly. His version was acapella though.