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Gary Oldman directed a semi-autobiographical film called "Nil By Mouth" a few years ago starring Kathy Burke and Ray Winstone. It was a brutal film depicting family dysfunction and abuse, but there were two tracks by a South London singer named Frances Ashman (who has a brief cameo in the film). I was able to locate one of the tracks called "Peculiar Groove" on a compilation called "Doin' Tha Funk", but there's another song that haunts me and it has lyrics like "Last chance to Paradise..." Can't find it anywhere and I've been googling for years and contacting British record companies and rare LP stores for ages.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you could look for contact info for the music supervisor from the movie and ask them?

You may have already seen that. But if you haven't shopped your question around on their forums I think it would be worth a shot. That link is right to nil by mouth. It says the music is original work from eric clapton.

crossing that with your lyric sample I found this thread: something54?
I'm only able to view it cached through google, but a girl on there said she had the whole script/book/something with all of the music.

Also, This seems to be the original page for the film from sony. They have a questions/comments link at the bottom of the page. Worth trying out if you haven't already.

Hope any of this helps
Thanks for the links, which I'd also managed to access, but Iappreciate the effort, nonetheless. Yes, Eric Clapton did score the music especially for Gary Oldman, but there are "karaoke-like" performances by Frances Ashman, as well as Gary's sister (playing Kathy Burke's mother), yet these two Frances Ashman tracks are sublime and I've only managed to locate the one so far.

Unfortunately, no soundtrack was ever released so I've taped the film on VHS and have to forward / rewind to the particular scene where this song is palyed (and it's one solution to the problem as I can hear the track, but I'd like to own an LP or CD, preferably, and hear it in its entirety).

I even contacted Douglas Urbanski (Gary Oldman's manager who also produced this particular film), so I've exhausted every resource available by even going TO THE TOP.

Just as a bit of trivial knowledge for anyone interested in these tidbits, but artist / director Julian Schnabel released a CD a few years ago and Gary Oldman is credited with singing.

I appreciate the replies and will just have to go to South London and stalk Frances Ashman until I can get her to hand over a personally-autographed studio track.

Cheers, all.
Heh, I'm headed to London soon, and I swear to God I've got nothing better to do if you want me to try and track this person down ;)

<--not even joking
Well, if you're going to London, then, by all means, see if you can locate Frances Ashman. The one song, "Peculiar Groove" was released on a compilation CD - "Doin' Tha Foot" put out by Copasetic (which is no longer in operation) and was produced by Martin "Madhatter". It lists her simply as Frances.

We're looking for a song that has lyrics "last chance to paradise, open your eyes" and want to know if there's any other material by this artist.

So, if you're actually going to the UK and want to visit record stores, I'd appreciate any assistance in locating material by this singer. And if you happen to find her, tell her she has fans.

Not a lot of people saw the movie here in the US, but the few that did all remember these two tracks.

Thanks and cheers.
I too am looking for these tunes. If anyone knows where I can find any of them please let me know. Especially the one where Kathy Burke was dancing in front of the mirror. Cheers.

Did any of you manage to track down "Peculiar Groove"

Would be really grateful if you could help me do likewise.


Originally posted by acianca@Sep 26 2006, 06:39 PM

Did any of you manage to track down "Peculiar Groove"

Would be really grateful if you could help me do likewise.


Hi all,

I have both of those Frances songs: "Paradise" and "Peculiar Groove."

The "Paradise" song is offered as a free download from I guess the record company that produced it. I would post a link, but the webpage link is on my laptop and I don't have it with me right now. (I'm using my desktop at the moment.) But I think the record label is called xfile productions.

As for "Peculiar Groove, "someone posted a rapidshare link on the" Nil by Mouth" message board.
Hi and please help
First time posting here. I've read all of the above with interest and am desperate for a leg-up. Is this the one you are talking about? If so - anybody know the origins. I can't find anything else about it from the net apart from some non-specific other forum discussions Pandora by France very rare Nil by Mouth OST Ashman CD (item 260103457003 end time 08-Apr-07 21:59:03 BST)
Cheers all ;-)
Is there a question in there somewhere. I see a question mark but have no idea what you're asking. :unsure:
Respecting the forum's policies, I am unable to post the direct link, but Frances Ashman's "Peculiar Groove" track appears on a compilation CD called "Doin' Tha Foot" and the other song, "Pandora" used to be available on her website (which I haven't visited in a couple of years), but I'm pretty sure that some of her latter electronica releases appear on iTunes under the artist name: Xfile... Doing a search for "xfile production" in the UK should be able to help you locate a free download. Cheers and good luck!
I have posted on many forums with regards to Perculiar Groove. I have left my Email address and many people have contacted me that way.

I am quite upset and distressed as one of the producers and writers of the track to find it exchanging hands and other people who had no input in the recording selling it on eBay. We released it on a LP sampler called Doin' the Foot for Rhythm'N'Business Records over 12 years ago.

The LP/CD's pre-sold over 5000 units which were fulfilled but sadly the distribution company went bankrupt and we lost our product and our money. Most of the units were shipped out and imported to Territories like Japan, Canada and France. We Pressed 1500 LP's and 4000 CD's. To our knowledge only a handful remained in the UK hence it's rarity.

If you're lucky enough to your hands on a copy you'd be very fortunate indeed.

We are considering pulling out the production masters and burning some copies to CD to meet the small but interested demand on this track.

Please Email me your initial interest beatgenius(at)

we will complie a list of interested folk and if the demand justifies the work involved we will endeavour to burn copies and make them available.