NHL History Will Be Made "Wish"

Sorry, I see the video was taken down. I don't see an edit button so I'll post this from the official NHL channel and hope it stays up this time. Thanks again :)

I was looking for this music too because I did one of the thousands of parodies last year. Mine was "Angry Joe"

The NHL press release on 3/7/11 http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=555218
states that the music would be available via Facebook, but I have yet to find it on the NHL facebook site.

Anyway, I did find this story about the new "History will be made" commercials and found this:
The music was by Future Perfect.
The "History Will Be Made" 2011 parodies are starting to be created and posted on youtube. Here is my parody that I did of the Matt Cooke suspension drama that unfolded over the weekend.