NFL monday night


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:( I'm sure we've all heard the *boom* badadadadudaaaa of the nfl Monday night football song. HELP MEEEE! :blink:
the old all instrumental theme?
if you have an email that can hold 2mb i will send it to you.
The song from the old Monday Night Football show is called

Heavy Action

It was composed for NFL Films and is available if you search the internet. There are numerous forums and user groups with links you can follow.

Good luck.

:D Thank You! That was bugging me and I'm really surprised i got answered so fast!

Steve was right, the song is indeed called "Heavy Action". However it was not composed specifically for NFL Films. It was composed and recorded in 1974 in England by a British guy named Johnny Pearson for the KPM Music Library. It's on vinyl LP KPM 1136 "Industrial Panorama". It has not appeared on CD in it's original entirety, not that anyone could get it anyway. Being that it's library music it's only available to producers and people in the business.

This track was first used as the theme to a British sports show called "Superstars". Although it has become synonymous with ABC Monday Night Football it doesn't belong to them or to the NFL. Any producer can use it as long as they license it and pay for the license. I've heard this music as a background in the early 90s on an MTV promo.

ABC first started using "Heavy Action" around 1978 and sometime in the late 80s they commissioned Edd Kalehoff to re-record the theme and jazz it up a bit and that's the version we hear now.