New Verizon Wireless Commercial


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In a new verizon commercial, it shows clips of several different people who have just become "in," or joined the Werizon network. It shows these people with their new phones, and one of them says, "Celebrate!" So, these people become excited (I believe one clip shows a young couple kissing). Then, a sort of 80s Rock Music song begins playing in the background, and I believe one of the words to the song is "Victory." I recognize the song, but what band is it and what is the name of the song?!?!? It sounds great!
That was a poor description. Let me try again. A verizon commercial shows several different people who are reading a Verizon "In" network manual, like what you would recieve with a new phone. The people read, "Welcome to the Verizon Network with unlimited loal calls..." and so on. Then they read, "Now that you've joined America's #1 Network...Celebrate!" Then, a rock song comes on in the background, singing "Victory!" as the people who read the manual...celebrate. I would really like to now who the band is and what the name of the song is that plays in the background.