new song -- answered


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recently I heard (on the RADIO) a techno song that I would love to know the name to.

the lyrics that i gathered go something like this: ( i may be wrong )

"gypsy girl x2 stay away from those drugs"

thats only a little but i tried to do a lyric search to no avail. It's a good techno song and this is the 2nd time i've heard it in 1 day so it gets a lot of airtime. unfortunately DJs do not say what song it is anymore --

Well, I don't know the name of the song, but next time you hear it on the radio, go to and type in the city/radio station/time you heard it on. It will tell you what song it is. Good luck! ;)
i am hoping somebody has heard this song. the song plays sometimes on Jon Garibedian's latenight music program on Q101 and all the other radio stations. it is a club hit and a techno song.

again it is GYPSY GIRL which i remember the lyrics also mentioned 'stay away from drugs' or something similar. beautiful song...
wasn't this song in an ad recently, or at least debated that it was or something... :unsure:
muchos thank you, Sophist. that's the song. i appreciate it!!!