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i recently heard a song on the radio that my daughter would really love to know the name of. the music seemed sorta techno ish or pop-ish like a dance hit. a woman was singing and the only lyrics we know are "single white female..." which are the main words in the chorus.

We heard it on a radio so the song is new if anyone knows what i am talking about please reply thank you..
did you do a lyrics search dadof5? it gave two artists, "Chely Wright" and "Movielife", but they sounded country and punk respectively... :unsure:
yes i did a lyrics search but same as you i only got those 2 - those 2 aren't it. I wish I could describe it further but im unable to.

i believe the lyrics may have been "because i'm a single white female..." and then.... I'm sure the song will play more so I will keep my ears open to the pop station so i can give you more lyrics
If The Sound Starts Out Slow And Then Speeds Up With An Uber Techno Dance Vibe, And Includes Lots Of Sqeeks Like Woo, Ahh, Or Something Like That I Think It Might Be

Gwen Stefain - What You Wating For?

The Song Is Like Brand New And Getting Heavy Rotation On The Rdio Top 40 Stations.

Video Debuts Wensday!

And Album Hits Stores November!

I Am The Biggest Gwen-a-bee I Love her And No Doubt!

Gwen For Ever

Oh By The By If You Dont Belive Me About The Song, The Lyrics In Gwen's Song Are "You Still A Super Hot Female" So Yeah I May Be Wrong.

And The Course Is "What You Wating What You Wating What You Wating For"

Bye The Bye I Also Just Posted To Push Gwen And Her New Single So Go Out And Get It By The Means You Get Your Music And Listen To It Its Amazing!

Just A Tad............................................................................................

Blamo, thank you very much that is indeed the song that i was looking for. after mentioning the name gwen stafani to my daughter the name came back to her.

and i think ill be buying the album for her too :)