new singer for ya'll to try

yeah once you go to it, scroll down and it will say launch blue media or something like that, it has like 3 songs, his seen it all before is really good its just not on his website
Oh okay, it's probably not showing me that because I'm using Mozilla instead of IE. I'll try that. ;)
i dont know how to do all that link stuff, but hope you can find it!! leaving work, talk to yall lata!!
Hmmm, this girl I met when I was in Germany is really into his music and told me to check it out. She asked if he was popular around here, in the U.S. but I hadn't heard of him yet...
i have not heard him on the radio or anything, just saw him in the newspaper
I don't know but I have known of him for a while now. There was a song of his on a movie soundtrack that I really liked but I can't remember it now........and it's bugging me. <_<
I watch too many movies. I just don't remember where I first heard that song but I'm almost positive it was in a movie I've seen this summer. *shrugs*
I love amos, if you love him you may like Ray Lamontague... same sound!!!