new mcdonalds psp promo


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what song is it the commerical? i really cant describe it but it sounds weird and amazing. tune it in to any prime time network and youll see it. thanks
I forget what the song is called, but the title and the artist appear at the beginning of the commercial. Just watch it again and you'll know.
Originally posted by gamemaster1019@Jul 5 2005, 07:16 PM
Wait, McDonald's had a PSP promo commercial? Dude, what country do you live in?
It's showing in the US. It is advertising a PSP giveaway or something at mcdonalds.
yeah, when you buy a big mac, there's that plastic pull thing on the top and you could win a psp or ps accessories.
hmm. They must not be advertising for it much in Los Angeles, because this is news to me. Or, I just haven't been that observant. Eh, probably the latter. Never mind.
Hell, I've seen it up here in Canada. But it's petered off in the last week.