New Jeep Commander Commercial


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Does anyone know the song that plays in the new 2006 Jeep Commander commercial? The commercials premiered during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night.

The song is kinda rap/pop, kinda like Black Eyed Peas, Gorrillaz, etc.

Anyone know? :unsure:
well i think it's missy elliot - lose control music sounds like it tell me if i helpd if not i'll keep trying for u...
I just put in a guess about this ad on another forum.

I'll share my thoughts on this ...

I think it's something by Missy Elliott.
Have you seen her "Lose Control" video?
In several scenes of it, a line of dancers is shown somewhere out on a desert road.
They're wearing blue hoodies/white shirts/white tennies.
They're doing their dance routine straight across the road ... and lo and behold, off to the lefthand side ... you see ... some sort of Jeep SUV - very distinctive front grill ...

Methinks there's a connection here ... some sort of scratch my back/I'll scratch yours symbiotic relationship ... you show the Jeep in my video, I'll do the music for your ad ...

Just a thought ...
It is definately NOT Missy Elliott "Lose Control". I really like that song and I would recognize it if I heard it anywhere.

Keep trying.....
Found this online:

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott has been chosen by the Chrysler Corporation to construct 30 seconds of new, original music for their first commercial advertising the new Jeep Commander.

According to reports, Elliott is also in discussions with the Chrysler Group to make an appearance in the commercial.

Her new video “Lose Control” will feature the new Jeep Commander. Sales of large SUV's have dropped off as of late, due in part to high gas prices.

Attempting to boost sales and tap into the urban market, Elliott is the latest in a long line of Hip-Hop artists being sought to hawk corporate products.

The Commander is due out in September and will be the first Jeep to feature three rows of seats.