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Hi I briefly just heard a song by Jay z on the radio I didnt catch the name but he remixed that song "i just died in your arms tonight" and used it as the chorus does anyone know the name of the song and where i can find it?
Yea This Is Jerzee From I Produced That Died In Yuor Arms Track....It's On My Jay-z Album I'm Producin...The Music Director from wild 94.9 Got It Off when i posted it.... It's Not A New Single Or Nuttin i just use his acapellas on my beats....If U Want The Cd I'm Droppin It Nov. 19 Register On Thats The Best Site On The Net anyway..
But I Know My Shits All Over The Net So I Searched For Died In Yuor Arms On google and im replyin to the posts i found on there to set shit strait
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