New HP and You (NOT Picture Book) Ad Song?


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Does anyone know the name of the song that is in the new HP ad (that is like Picture book with the pictures going over the people's head). The lyrics go something of a pretty face, pictureso of a time and place.

Thanks for any and all help. :)

i'm trying to find out myself!! but it sounds like it could be emitt rhodes or his band merry-go-round... both 60s stuff...
is that the one where the lyrics are something like "take a trip" cuz i'm looking for that one too
Originally posted by madgoose@Aug 26 2005, 08:07 AM
is that the one where the lyrics are something like "take a trip" cuz i'm looking for that one too
This ad is called 'Colors' and is for the HP Photosmart 8250.

Track used is Rainbow by APPLES IN STEREO.
Thanks so much. Unfortunately, the Rainbow song is not the one I was looking for (though I do like it). The HP commercial I am talking about has an Asian woman as the main person and the lyrics go something of a pretty face, pictureso of a time and place.

Once again, thanks for any help!
Forgot to mention that I looked on their site and the ad is not up yet. :(
Starting to worry that I am the only person who saw this ad. :( LOL!
i dont think i ever saw that ad.
hopefully the website will post up the ad sooner or later.
i saw this commercial on vh1 this morning and have been searching the internet for the song with no luck! i kept rewinding it on my tivo, and got a few more lyrics than you did. but still no luck finding the song via google or anywhere else.

i really love the song and hope someone will help us out eventually. :)

"nothing else stays the same" is repeated at the end... i googled this line and kept coming up with some death metal satanic song with the same lyrics. don't think it's the same one though. ha.

let me know if you find out who it is.

Regarding the HP commercial ... the song is real catchy/. It reminds me of Amy Mann, but it is not one of her songs.

I e-mailed HP inquiring on the name of the song. The person who wrote me had no clue. I sent her an article I found on the web stating that HP is releasing 4 new ad's. the series of ad's are called Francois II. Francois is the director who appeared in the first ad with the Kinks tune. (Scary - in 5 minutes I knew more about their ad campaign than the intern/HP person)

The lyrics that I was able to discern are:

Pictures of a time and place
Pictures of a favorite face
But nothing ever stays the same
Nothing ever stays the same
:) Glad to know that I am not the only one. Now we will just have to wait. :)
i've searched some pretty reliable sources and i haven't come across an artist or a song title or anything to help. i'm pretty sure that the song was specially made for the commericial.
drum roll please ....

The song is entitled "In the Frame" by Rob Laufer.

A very helpful HP employee even forwarded an iMix tune suggestion from iTunes. I will provide the line so you can check it out. ....

Subject: Ginger has suggested an iMix for you on iTunes

Hi Jim! I thought this might interest you…


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Here is the link to the iMix we have of the songs I mentioned to you in my email. The only piece not yet on iTunes (2 more weeks) is the Miss Liberty track from "Cafe Society"

Music inspired by the HP Digital Photography TV Campaign