New Hip Hop Song. Please Help! -- Answered


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I know it's a hip hop song. The lyrics are something like "Oh she's crazy somebody better get they lady." "Shake it Shake it I like that." Does anyone know?
No. It's a couple of different guys. It sounds like 3 or 4 different guys. They all sing at different points in the song. It's not a slow song. It's got to be a group from the South because af the end they shout out some southern states like "Mississippi, GA".
Please someone! No one know what this song is? It's not Trillville.
I've heard it on the radio a few times but they never say who it is. It's got a really good beat though.
Next time you hear it, check this site -- look for the radio station you heard it on, and the time (within 24 hours) -- they keep track of radio playlists.
I still can't find this song. If anyone knows, please tell me!
Ok I FINALLY got it. For anyone else interested it's "She's Out of Control" by LJ featuring David Banner. This song is bangin!