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not diggin all these renovations. were u bored or something admin? its all complimicated now. simple is good.
Well, I'm sorry it seems a bit more complicated. Same basic structure for the music forums as before, just moved General Discussion into a new members area and created a new "Other Music" forum to cover off-topic music requests...

You're going to hate it when I redesign and rebuild the site from the ground up. I guess you're lucky I don't have time to do it at the moment. ;)
Originally posted by dascoot@Mar 10 2005, 08:52 PM
Maybe they were tired of buttheads.
Why, if I didn't know better I would almost think that you implied that I was a butthead! Good thing I know better than that crazy talk.
blurg, do you ever watch SNL?? You remind me of that "Debbie Downer" character. :lol: She comes on screen and says something and then the music is all "wha, wha, whaaaaa"
people tell me I remind them of ben stein.
somethingteen. I dont look like him thank god.
He's just mis-undastood. Like Pink! :lol:

Just kidding with you blurg! :wub: