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This is a new commercial for the Audi A4. I'm at work and I have the spot right now. It ran on 1/15 in Miami on the CBS affiliate, very early in the morning.

The spot features the car in the desert doing a slalom around orange cones. There's text throughout the spot, but because I don't have full-motion video at my job and the video quality is so lousy, I have no idea what it says.

What is the song in this spot? I know Audi usually commissions the music for their spots, but this sounds so familiar. It's an instrumental, sounds vaguely reminicent of The Strokes "12:51" (but not the "synth" part), possibly Interprol, or mid-'80s alternative rock.

Any help would be much appreciated. Not only do I have to know it for work, but I love this song and I want to know for me!
I don't know the song, but I know which commercial you're talking about. The text tells the people watching the commercial to call "Dan" on his cellphone, who I guess is the one driving the car, and to tell him that his kids miss him and stuff and his wife says he is in big trouble. Good luck with the search.
still no luck? I just saw it again after not seeing it for a couple of weeks...I hope some one can enlighten.
Crap. I found that the reacent spots that they are running are ones with music that is specifically made for the commercila only. Oh well.
We could probably still find out what band it was the did the music for it.
To whoever sent me the e-mail about this commercial (and for some unknown reason I can't respond by e-mail...sorry),

First off, I have seen the commercial at home and I got a full-motion version at work. Your brother did a great job, and I love the spot!

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the spot.

A brief explanation of my job and what the company I work for does: We monitor and track advertising. The branch I work at deals in television commercials. A computer located near each of our markets that we monitor (top 100 tv markets, network tv, cable, spanish and 2 cities in Canada plus Canada cable tv) tapes all of the broadcasting, picks out what it thinks are commercials and sends it to us. Our branch picks out what are truly commercials, classifies them by brand, then it goes to my department, where I have to describe what's going on in the spot in 40 letters or less, and I don't get full video or color.

Since the Audi spot is a car commercial, it also goes into our AdDetector product, available online (but don't get excited, it's only for clients who can pay the large amounts of money). Most of the time in AdDetector I can see it in full-motion, and then we spend our time detailing the spot further according to client requirements.

So I hope this explanation of why I don't have a copy of the spot makes some sort of sense...of course, you probably could've fallen asleep reading this thing!