Nestle Drumstick


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Didn't see any other postings on this .. Looking for the name of the song playing in the background of a Nestle's commercial for "Drumsticks" - sounds like it might be a Tom Petty song? Thanks
any lyrics?

have you found the ad online for others to watch? it doesn't sound familiar to me -- what's happening in the ad?
more info - no lyrics, acoustic guitar only. Commercial is about Nestle’s ice cream product – “Drumstick’s”. Can't find it online..
Hmm... could be what they're after -- although, my opinion is that it sounds like something done in a studio just for the ad... :unsure:
The .mov in the link is not the commercial (or the music in question) that is being shown on the TV networks. But the TV commercial does use the images that are shown on the left hand panel - of family members and the Nestle's Drumsticks product. Thanks for the search and info!