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Near the end of a "Olympic Moments" featurette tonight on NBC (Aug.23) about rivalries in Olympic history, there was a song ... an upbeat 'bubblegum' pop song ... no lyrics ... "do-do-do-do-do, do do do do do ... do-do-do-do-do-do, do do do do do..." I remember it from another commercial or maybe a movie trailer. Thanks in advance.
Well, I'm going through the segment right now...

The Who "Who Are you" (on of those CSI theme songs)
unknown (I think the one you're asking about) (heard various places, usually I've heard it on BBC America shows)
Timo Maas "Time To Get Down" (in the "Italian Job" movie and trailer, and currently on a Budweiser TV ad)
If anyone who watched NBC olympics during last week, they had a commerical for their "Chevy Olympic Moments". It was played in their daytime programs if you want to know. In the commercial it showed different USA atheletes and at the end of the commerical, a voice said it's the emmy award Chevorlet olympic moments, evernight in prime time. That's all that I can remember.

Okay, since nobody knows, this is what I remember from this ad:

It shows a few American atheletes, like a female swimmer, track athelete and a few others. I dunno if they have Phelps in it but I'm pretty sure they do. At the end of the add it has the Cheverolet logo with "Olympic Moment" written under it.

If anyone has the commercial's song or video or know the artist, please come in asap!

Thanks again
You've describe the ad, but not the music... Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals.
Well I honestly forgot if it was a guy or a girl. I didn't really pay attention to the commercial until near the end. Sorry.....

I dunno if it's Von Bondie's C'mon C'mon song, but it could be but I dunno. It sounds sorta like it but not really.

If anyone who watched NBC during last week, you're bound to have saw it. I know there's a black athelete, probably in track & field, and there was a female swimmer (maybe Beard or Couglin).
Well, the swimmer was Coughlin. The music is almost a rock theme and they play the same music in the "Rescue Me" commercials on FX. Don't know if that helps anyone.