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I've been trying to find out the name of the song for a while not but have had no luck. I've heard it most often at NBA Games during the announcing of the starting lineup. i.e. LA Lakers games. It's just a simple guitar solo, with some more guitar and drums joining in later on in the song, from what I have heard there are no vocals at all. It's a well known tune, and I've heard it many times, but do not know the artist or song title. Thanks for the help.
Dude! I was gonna say that.. cause it's been in my head since whoever it was told me what it was.. but I thought it was only the Bulls? Innit?
yeah me too! i heard it on a frasier episode, when niles wins a chance to shoot a basket at an nba game... and fitzy answered it for you last time! B)
Naw it wasn't Fitzy, he tried but he named some bluegrass band that he said my crappy sound clip sounded like. Actually I think it was someone at that finally got it for me..

Now I have it in my head. Doo doo doo doo doo..
I have always wondered what that song was. Thanks to random questions and our smart Ravi!

woohoo! :peace: