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Does anyone know the name of the music that came out on a Nascar promo commercial; it's a classical sort of music with strong vocals, and what sounded like lots of bells?
is it the one where they show old footage mixed with the newer stuff?!!! and it says nascar timeless?!! in that one they use "Foreplay/Long Time" by boston
No, I don't think it's that commercial, the commercial I'm refering to has a song that reminded me of Figaro but obviously it's not, however it's in that kind of style, classical with strong vocals.
Man I'm a huge fan but I've never seen that ad. :eek: Is it played during the races or on the sports channels as a promo?
the last time I saw that ad was quite a while ago, perhaps a month or was a short ad that showed the cars zooming past the camera like they do when they emphasize the audio fo the cars and you can hear them whistle was promo for the Nextel series I believe but I'm not sure if it appeared on TNT or NBC.

it sounded similar to a mix of:

Ode to Joy
The Barber of Seville
O Fortuna

thats as good as I can describe it

Lots of people has said it's probably a work by Rossini pehaps La Gazza Ladra but I'm not sure about it...

any help is greatly appreciated

After much searching, I have found the sound to the Nascar commercial I was refering to, it is/was "Anvil Chorus" or a various thereof by Giuseppe Verdi.