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does anyone know the song that plays over the chevy american revolution ad during nascar races? it goes something something yea the dogs are out yea the dogs are out alright.....
Please review our Forum Rules on "bumping" topics. Add more info to your posts to help us help you. What's going on in the ad? What kind of music is it? Male/female vocals?

Did you search our Forums too? A couple American Revolution ads have been asked about in the past.
Can anyone tell me the song behind the Chevy commercial that airs during NASCAR and shows a bunch of drivers including Jr, Gordon, Stewart etc. The lyrics go something like this:

"C'mon let it out, c'mon let it out, Ladies C'MON!"

Then goes to either

"The dorks are out" :p or "The dogs are out" or something like that.

It's punk/rock ish
oh my god, i want to know who does this song too!!! ive tried google but ive gotten nowhere....
Must not be a lot of NASCAR fans out there! :D C'mon! Someone has to know the answer!! I gave all the info about the commercial that I could.
...and it's such a good song!!! it's a male singing--if that helps!! that ad should get a lot more play!!!!!
:( Nobody out there can help?!! Too bad there's no race this Sunday. We'll have to wait another week so more people can see the ad! :( I wish I knew of a website where the ad can be viewed!
i know!!! im new to the nascar thing, but dont they play the ad when the driver who wins the race drives a chevy?!!!!!!!!!! anyway, the races are on fox....people might want to tune in next sunday...i'm telling you, it's worth it!!!!! this song is that good!!!!!!
C'mon let it out, c'mon let it out, Ladies C'MON
i need a ride "something" on your side
yea the dogs are out yea the dogs are

this commercial is driving me crazy

thought it was the von bondies but still cant seen to find the artist
was it aired today? i didnt see it.... i wish i knew who does this song!!!!
yes it plays during the race and shows bits of the prominant chevy drivers: stewart doing a burnout, gordon winning the brickyard, junior winning bristol at night. its on every week really
i havent been that into the races this year...too many weekends off and i forget to watch!!!!
Found it!! I e-mailed GM Racing and the song is called "The Dogs" by a group called "Empire Dogs". They are from Stockholm, Sweden. Their website is