Napoleon Dynamite


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the ad when he is dancing to a song, im guessing by Jamiroquai. What is the name of the song?

You have to add more details to your posts, for people the recognize what you're referring to. A link to the trailer to watch, description of the music, etc...
thank you, and michelle, i try if i can find, but i usually cant find the ad anywhere, and i cant seem to remember the tune of description b the time i ask you guys/girls.
Is it the same one as in the movie? At the end of the movie he dances to a Jamoriquai song on stage. Same one?
I hope someone knows this one, its the latest trailer for napoleon dynamite where he is dancing and bringing in all of the reviews from different magazines. The song is pretty catchy but i'm not sure who sings it. Any help would be hot. Thanks in advance.
Michelle do you ever get sick of telling people to :usesearch:

:lol: lol :lol:
that song rocks and so does the movie and so does his dancing
:blink: wow this is an old one of mine, Heh i had actually forgot about it ^_^;;;; But thanks to all that helped out!