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The name of this song has completely escaped me. First off, it's sung by a guy, and I think it came out around 2003. If anyone knows what Channel One News is, this song was the background music during their 2003 "year in review" segment. The song is very soft, and the lyrics are a little hard to hear. However, I do remember that one of the words was "you", but it was drawn out so that it sounded like "yooooouuuu". Since I couldn't clearly make out any of the other lyrics, this is the basic 'flow' of the song:


Sorry I can't be more specific. I've searched Google tons of times, and I've went through the channel one news site, but I still haven't found anything.
If it helps any, there's a lot of piano playing in the song. I'll further try to describe how it sounds (bear with me here):

ding (high "pitch") -- ding (middle "pitch") -- ding (low "pitch") -- ding (high "pitch") -- ding (middle "pitch") -- ding (low "pitch") --- ding (high "pitch") --- ding (low "pitch") -- (Now it repeats, but it goes down to a lower set of keys)
This piano part is playing in the background throughout the entire song.

I realize that this is a long shot, but any help would be appreciated.