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Any info on the guitar music used in the opening titles of this show? Or any other music used in the show? Considering all of the video is "borrowed" from a Japanese game show, it makes sense that the music would be someone else's too. Thanks!
Never heard of the show.

Does MXC stand for something? Which channel do you watch this show on?
Sorry. It stands for "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" and is on Spike TV. It's a Japanese low-budget American Gladiators type show with funny voice overs. Thanks!
thats a funny show...its probably just me, but i thought that the guitar riffs sound alot like the ones that used to come out on MTVs celebrity deathmatch.
does anyone know the opening theme song for the Spike Tv show Most Extreme Elimanation Challenge or MXC thanks

EDIT: Found out that it is a song called Firebrand by a band called Bumblefoot
I don't know what it's called (other than the MXC Theme) but you can download it from here.
Actually i found out that this song is called Firebrand and its by Bumblefoot, if you read this tell me