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I'm looking for the music video, or even the name of the song, I once saw on

It's an electronic song, with the music video being 3D animated involving a guy carrying a box and walking around a busy world. He gets distracted, drops the box, and a shadow girl comes out. They go on a date, and the guy goes into the girl and her shadow world, he gets chased by her monsters, comes out and brings out her problems aswell.

Anyone know what the heck I'm talking about?
Kinda sounds like the Take On Me video by A-Ha. But that was B&W animation and he was in the alternate world. Came through the page into her real world. I think. :unsure:
Originally posted by givemfitz@Jul 14 2005, 12:09 AM
Kinda sounds like the Take On Me video by A-Ha.
I thought the exact same thing. You can see a sample of the video if you click here. (You may need Quicktime to view because it's in .mov format)
The song I heard was far newer then this song. It was on so it's 5 years old TOPS, probably younger. And it had no lyrics, just music.