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Hello everyone,

Today I just remembered that a long time ago I came across a music video online that I really liked. I just can't remember the name of the song and it is really annoying me. I can't really remember any lyrics but I do remember what the video was.

It started out with a black guy and he was standing in front of a restaurant (kind of like a Dennys type resturaunt) with a big piece of cardboard on the ground and an old school boombox. He was dancing to the music and people were coming by to watch him. One of the spectators, a woman, said that every year he comes to this exact spot to dance from sun-up to sun-down to his old girlfriend that he hopes someday will come back. She says it's kinda a ritual he does. The video also shows him as a little kid dancing the at the same spot and it progresses to that same day. The woman then leaves with another guy and it is assumed that that woman is the girl that the guy has been waiting for for all these years and she comes back to watch him even though he doesn't know that it's her. The guy is a really good dancer and the music video is very well done in my opinion.

If anyone can help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated! If i need to think of more stuff that was in the video I can try to post more. Thanks!
I remember that video. Can't remember the song either though. :(
Oh yeah, that's it! Thanks bbrocks! That song is so awesome and the video is cool as well. Days Go By - Dirty Vegas