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first off, yes i watch nickelodeon cuz i still havnt grown up yet, mainly for spongebob. and on mondays, they have a marathon of spongebob. as the credits are rolling on the show that comes on right before the spongebob marathon, it splits the screen into 2 halfs, one to roll the credits and the other to show you whats coming on next. and it shows the spongebob marathon is coming on. during this time they usually play a song. today they played one that had sort of a punk riff to it. the lyrics went somewhere along these lines: "i'm in space but i can breathe, i'm in space but i can see". now those probably arnt the exact lyrics, but close enough. i did a search for it and nothing came up. any help would be appreciated!
If the lyrics are "Hey! Give me space so I can breathe, give me space so I can see..." The song is "Space" by Something Corperate.