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Ok, I am an avid music lover, and expect both feedback and good recommends in return for the best music that I can recommend to all of you that you will not regret buying or listening to. The following are those that I cannot get enough of, and probably most of you have not heard of, but because we all love music so much, I am honored to share my picks with you. You can check them out at for a pre-listen, or just trust my judgement if you like the great car commercial music like the new Hyundai Tucsan...

Long Way from Brooklyn Down to the Bone (band name)
Bring Your Lovin' back Here Gomez
Crabbuckit K-OS
Rock Classics Rinocerose
The Saint Orbital
Lift Ex:el(mix version) 808 State
Funky Housy Hoover Florian
Trans Am Leroy
Uptown Odessey Galactic
E.F.L. The Art of Noise
Kiss of Life Supergrass
Heartbeat Sakamoto
So, I just ask for a response to these superior tunes, I have them continuously on my ipod, and hope you cannot get enough either
I'll check em out as soon as I remember to bring my headphones to school (I'm on 56k here <_< ), along with Ravi's Kraftwerk suggestion