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There is a great instrumental track featured prominently in the Murderball trailer and feature but it is not on the soundtrack. Of the three songs featured in the trailer, this is the middle one; not Ministry's "Waiting" or "Light & Day" by polyphonic spree. Thanks!
After looking into it a bit deeper, it seems the song is another from Jamie Saft. It didn't make the soundtrack because it was the main theme song of the movie itself. It has not been released. :(
The song I am looking for starts when the camera zooms in on team american and plays 30 secs. I know it is by Jamie Saft and I know it is not on the soundtrack. I used the search and found that it wasn't released. This was however 3 months ago, and I am seeing if there is any news on the song or somewhere I can download? How hard is it to strip the audio to where I can listen to the song and not the voiceover. Anything! This song is simply beautiful!

Download Trailer here.